Voodoo Sometimes Album Release Tour

8:00 pm

Voodoo Sometimes Album Release Tour

As a collective focus on mixing elements of funk, jazz, jam-band and psychedelic-rock music fused with high-energy live performances to create a portal straight to the dance floor. Voodoo Sometimes comes from the bands spontaneous performances and psychedelic mind trickery through sound. As a trio with aims to induce our audience in a state of euphoric happiness we plan to continue to bring our music to as many new places and make as many new friends as long as our adventure takes us.

The Strange Happenings is a Psychedelic Prog Rock based in Kingston, Ontario.

Shahrazi; somewhere in between the earth & the stars, she explores themes of diaspora, spirit, love, war, wilderness & rebirth through genre-bending cinematic music. Dreamy, soulful sounds from the woods to the water to the moon and back. Self-taught musician, multidisciplinary artist, and producer. Actively experimenting live since 2017, every Shahrazi performance is a unique energetic experience. Based in Canada, ties to Iran, Poland, Afghanistan, and Texas. She/they.

Sponsored by:
Karbon Brewing Co.
Dec 10, 2022
8:00 pm
Ty Wilson & The River Spirits
Caitlin Currie
Dec 16, 2022
7:00 pm
Music Spun by DJ Frost, Chuck Nasty, Dee, Donny G, Zillah, Young Phoenix, Forest Gumption, Roch