Forest Gumption @ GBT

8:00 pm

Forest Gumption @ GBT

Forest Gumption is our local hip-hop legend. Real-name Jackson Parlevliet, and hailing from Ennismore, Ontario, Forest Gumption has found success through several esteemed mixtapes, such as Lofi Til I Die and Forest Fires, and now works with a group of artists who are all attached to his label, Three Entertainment Group.

KOTO? is a prominent figure in the underground Hip Hop scene, building his cult fanbase through North America and Europe with each release.

Whø is Jet Blck Renji?

The Perfect Mess
Your Closest Friend / Worst Enemy
Me, You, Everyone

Meet the band that is Mystical Climax! We got Darian (D-licious, D-Nasty, Mama String Bean) on the verses. Mr. Josh Farquhar (FQ, Farqueezy, Queezy Steeze) rockin the bass. Adam (Babafritz, Master Bates 😏) killin the lead guitar. Mr. Josh Kellet (Uncle Funk, Verbal Vibrator, Mr. Rance) spittin mad rhymes. Sadie (Lady Lantz, the real slim Sadie) on rhythm guitar and vocals.

"I recommend Beepax cause they’ve made me spill my beer twice now while tryna DJ from how hype they were so idk how it gets better than that." - Cam Banika

BeatsBlayne has a passion for music and believes music to be the universal language that has the ability to create a mood or emotion within a person. His goal is to transcend what it means to be an indie-artist by breaking boundaries musically. Creativity is tranquil.

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