Sunday Crisp: Bateau Ride Stadium Tour

8:00 pm

Sunday Crisp: Bateau Ride Stadium Tour

Sunday Crisp hits Gordon Best Theatre on the Peterborough stop of their Bateau Ride Stadium Tour. Opening sets from River Jensen and TBA.

It was during the summer of 2018 that Sunday Crisp was born from the meeting between Eddy Lava (rhythm guitar and vocals), Denis Plasma (drums) and Henry Magma (bass guitar) between the walls of the Cégep de Sherbrooke. Having the same musical inspirations (Blondie, Kiss, Talking Heads, etc.), the three friends started to practice their favorite classics every day. The chemistry and energy are beyond their expectations.

All the elements are there to fulfill their dream of becoming rockstars. Indeed, two months later, three first “HITS” are born: Kinda Miss it, Bateau Ride and Man of the Sun. However, the game lacks one last pawn: a second guitarist and new ideas. It was a year later that Edwin “Duke” Morino (Guitar and vocals), full of ambition and energy, joined the group to the delight of his new acolytes. Now that the Sunday Crisp team is complete and stronger than ever, the sky becomes their only limit. With the help of David Boissé (sound technician and sound engineer) who joins the technical team, the new group succeeded in releasing their first single Why’d you Go Away, which quickly spread from Canada to the United States through Australia in November 2020.

The success of their first public release on various streaming platforms nourishes the work and perseverance of the group. It was therefore in August 2021 that the first EP Sunday Crisp was released. Comprised of three earworms, this project represents the evolution of the group over the past year. Now with two very formative studio runs in their pocket, the band is ready to tackle their biggest project to date, a full length album that will take the form of a true ‘80s rock anthem featuring 10 original tunes of the emerging group Sunday Crisp.

River Jensen is a fresh on the scene singer/songwriter based in Peterborough, Ontario. He made his start in 2020 with the release of "Passion Ride", an upbeat and honest song written about the weight of social expectations that surround us on a daily basis. Once the terrible Covid virus swept the globe, he hid away and was derailed by depression after being given the time to reflect on a lot of personal issues over the course of the lock-downs.  But amidst the struggle to remain relevant, he locked himself away in his
attic studio and began pushing the boundaries of his music with a new idea of self identity and the world around him.  River Jensen is set to use his music in 2022/2023 as a weapon to target the significant social and political issues that are rapidly growing in our world.  His fear and doubt on what our future holds will be displayed for the first time on his newest single "Dirty Feeling!" which will be released on all streaming platforms April 29th.

We're still looking for a solo opener to kick off this amazing evening. Know somebody who might fit the bill? Let us know.

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