Quiet Confidance x Forest Gumption

7:00 pm

Quiet Confidance x Forest Gumption

Hip-hop heads gather from far and wide to combine the elements (lyricism, breakdancing, djing, and fashion) to amaze and astound. Former Peterborough resident, Forest Gumption, returns to celebrate the release of his EP "Lofi Til I Die." Meanwhile, long time friend Will Campbell, launches a new campaign for his breakdance clothing line Quiet Confidance Apparel.

Forest Gumption

Interests: rapping, Busch, steak, parfaits, baseball, moms, cloudy with a chance of meatballs (the first one), Pokemon online trading card game, memes about baseball, fast cars, bitches, money, camping, family trips, acid trips, searching the web, pick up volleyball at the ymca, talking to weird old brown men in the hot tub at the ymca, sushi and womens breasts thats about it folks.

Lofi Til I Die by Forest Gumption

1. Best rapper ever.
2. Most handsome rapper ever.
3. Most beers drank on stage. (5 years in a row)
4. Best rapper from Ennismore Ontario ever.
5. Award for most awards by a single rapper ever.
6. Your moms favourite rapper ever.
7. Most times saying G'day on a song ever.
8. Most successful times completed century club challenge ever.
9. Best mustache ever.
10. Best online Pokemon trading card game record ever.
11. Most guns and cars and bitches owned ever.
12. Most money accumulated ever.

At one point in my life I was a baby, then I grew into a young child, after that I became a adolescent, later on I was a teen and now finally I am 22 years old. - Forest Gumption

MC Shiro

Cole Smith a.k.a. MC Shiro is a 24-year-old rapper from Peterborough Ontario. He has been rapping and producing for several years and loves to experiment with many different styles of Hip Hop. His music tends to be a mixture of his favorite interests (Basketball,Hip Hop and Japanese Culture). Having been to Japan twice, MC Shiro givesreference to Japanese words and culture throughout his songs. Being a Christian rapper, he feels that it is important to bring faith into his music whileweaving conscious rap into higher energy songs. MC Shiro hopes his music hassomething for everyone from contemplating life and faith, to clever rhyme schemes about basketball superstars!


Theloniousis a 19-year-old rapper from Rexdale. Besides performing at open mic events in Toronto, this is his first time taking the stage outside of the city. Thelonious grew up in an extremely musical family. His mom was a gospel singer,and his dad played piano. From an early age he was introduced to Old School HipHop, Jazz, and Funk. Now working alongside “Sibbs Roc” a prominent producer inRexdale – he has new music to be released soon.


Beepax (members Nick Bee & D Pax) are a hip-hop duo from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Appearing in over a dozen performances around the Niagara Region, Beepax wastwice nominated for Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards.  With over 100,000 combined streams across the major music platforms – Beepax has made their mark on the local hip hop scene in Niagara. Check out their latest album Go Through Hell that was released in October of last year. You do not want to miss this energetic, smooth team. BEEPAX x QC 2020.

We Jam

Peterborough’s electronic music collective will be featuring several artists from their collective at this event:


Originally from Orangeville, Yody  is a DJ and producer with a passion forelectronic music and the underground scene. After moving to Peterborough for school and performing routinely in the club circuit, Yody partnered with Holtzy to establish the music collective known as WeJam Peterborough. Fuelled by their passion for jamming, the duo works to create alternative music and art events while promoting positive energy and onenesswithin the community.


Born and raised in Peterborough Holtzy is a bass guitarist and DJ with a diverse musical background rooted in metal, hiphop, and EDM. Founded with Yody in 2016, We Jam Peterborough aims to create analternative scene in Peterborough while promoting positive energy in thecommunity.

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Nov 4, 2023
7:00 pm
Mariel Buckley
Dom Louis
Join Mariel Buckley and her band in Peterborough, Ontario, at Gordon Best Theatre. Supporting act TBA.
Nov 25, 2023
8:00 pm
Howlin' Circus
A rock’n’roll heartbeat for these divisive times, Howlin’ Circus is the Middle Eastern-inspired psychedelic rock project of Canadian-Iraqi musician, Jafar Sandouk.
Sep 29, 2023
8:00 pm
B.A. Johnston
Beef Boys
The Mickies