Over 90 Club: Quiet William’s Birthday Bash.

8:00 pm

Over 90 Club: Quiet William’s Birthday Bash.

Will Campbell is turning 26 in style with the help of his pals. The night will be filled with dancing, rapping, singing, cold beer, and food at the end of the night. Theme: Over 90 Club so please dress up as your favourite geriatric.

Thelonious is a young and upcoming emcee that embodies old school hip hop flow, and heavy rhyme schemes leave you wondering... what just happened. He has emerged as a front runner to hold down the hip hop scene alongside Three Entertainment Group. This Rexdale cat is going places.

Carling Stephen is a singer from Peterborough, Ontario that is an inspiration to many. To be frank, she is the bees knees. Soul meets jazz fusion and when she takes the mic it is a shutdown. Forest Gumption's girl has what it takes to make it to the top.

These two are not only the cutest couple, but also arguably the illest young cats coming out of Scarborough. Izzy Havana is an emerging singer that has sultry flow, and great bars. She is representing Victoria Park, Scarborough.

Terrick Laing aka Terridactle is a dancer/beatmaker that has showcased his skills in battles and cypher all over the Greater Toronto Area. He is known as a young master in the discipline of Hip Hop, All Styles, and Breaking. He has a Soundcloud Page that is blowing up at the moment and is starting to emerge as the most elite young beat maker in Canada.

Riley Shadlyn aka Slim Shadlyn aka Shadlesky is the preemo dj in the Peterborough/Toronto area. Having studied at Trent University, this Stoufville native is a dancer, and dj. This young man has skill, finesse, and excellent timing on the 1's and 2's and displays great musicality behind the decks.

Three Entertainment Group is a entertainment group that was founded by none other than the one and only Cam Bannika aka The Wavey Wizard. After studying at one of the most prestigious sound schools in the country, Cam decided to form a company that showcases the illest emcees and artists in the game in my opinion.

Alongside the Wavey Wizard is Koto?!. He is a trap/rap artist that embodies Playboi Carti/Odd Future flow. The young man is always cooking up some fire in the booth and performed for the first time in Peterborough at the Big Red Dog.

Jet Black Renji is a trap/rap artist signed by Three Entertainment group, and took the stage in the fall alongside Forest Gumption, Thelonious, Soft Eyez. Koto?! and others. He is a emerging artist that has great flow, and style.

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