Icesis Couture, Winner of Canada's Drag Race Season 2

7:00 pm

Icesis Couture, Winner of Canada's Drag Race Season 2

Icesis Couture, the winner of Canada's Drag Race Season 2 is in Peterborough for one night only! Hosted by Rowena Whey, the Queen of Wheat, and featuring performances by Sahira Q and Betty Baker.

Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 WINNER Icesis Couture is an “Ottawa Girl” born and raised, with family roots in El Salvador. As a proud Canadian and Salvadorian, Icesis Couture has always included her culture and activism in her performances. Icesis Couture’s unique and passion-filled stage presence is legendary within Canada’s Drag community and is now known across the world as the season 2 Lipsync Assassin! With a drag career spanning 15 years across Canada and the United States, her versatility is limitless, crossing boundaries and genres, creating a one-of-a-kind brand that is hard to ignore, or label!

Full Bio

You might know Rowena Whey as Muscle Barbie or the Queen of Wheat—both are accurate. Rowena's events are known for there sass, camp, choreography and unbridled sexuality. In whatever way Rowena can, they will slay the stage.

Rowena Whey has been described as:

"Everything you'd expect from the obnoxious woman in the bar wearing leopard print, fishnets and stilettos."


"Strong, confident, fierce, shady, bootylicious ... and needs to calm the F**K down".

Said Jiddawy is a multidisciplinary artist best known for their digital illustrations. They identify as trans-feminine, non-binary, and queer. They emigrated to Canada from Zanzibar, Tanzania more than ten years ago but miss the island sun every day.

Sahira Q is Said’s drag persona who uses drag as a way to express and explore themes of gender, culture, romance, pleasure, and self.

Outside of art, you can find them playing video games, watching cartoons with their partner, or dancing up a storm in their kitchen. They are also an activist, and a freelance graphic designer.

Betty Baker is a 17 year old drag queen from Peterborough, Ontario. A member of the Haus of Accounting, Betty has performed across southern Ontario, splitting, spinning, and spreading joy. She’s been doing drag for 2 years now and is almost ready to take on the world, she just has to learn how to drive first. Betty is a diva who loves to bake, create, sew, and perform, her favourite thing about drag is making people smile!

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