First Friday Art Crawl After Party

9:30 pm

First Friday Art Crawl After Party

Join SKP Entertainment for Volume 2 of the First Friday Art Crawl After Party! You are invited to help build this awesome community for great art, music and the best dance floor in Peterborough.

Teebs (colloquially "DJ Pete") is a versatile, multi-genre DJ. He can play hip-hop, pop, house and even has several artist personas that dwell into specific electronic genres. He doesn't have much of an online presence but he is always booked because he is good! DJ Pete plays twice a week at the Sapphire Room and recently has played the Gordon Best for decade themed nights put on by Your Welcome, all of which have been successful!

DJ Molly Millions doesn't have a bio that is public on the internet, but if they do it will magically appear here using the power of a million mollies.

Said Jiddawy is a multidisciplinary artist best known for their digital illustrations. They identify as trans-feminine, non-binary, and queer. They emigrated to Canada from Zanzibar, Tanzania more than ten years ago but miss the island sun every day.

Sahira Q is Said’s drag persona who uses drag as a way to express and explore themes of gender, culture, romance, pleasure, and self.

Outside of art, you can find them playing video games, watching cartoons with their partner, or dancing up a storm in their kitchen. They are also an activist, and a freelance graphic designer.

It wouldn't be the First Friday Art Crawl After Party if there wasn't some art on display. Featured artist TBA!

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Cameron's Brewery
Apr 22, 2023
4:43 pm
Nigel Grinstead
Allie Pearse
Peter Saran
Ben McKay
Apr 1, 2023
7:30 pm
Benj Rowland
Meredith Moon
Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Benj Rowland returns to Gordon Best Theatre on April 1 with fellow folk artist Meredith Moon opening the evening.
Apr 14, 2023
7:00 pm
Linda Kash (Host)
Improv Pros
Improv Joes
Second City PROS & Local JOES deliver laughs by making up scenes and characters in games & scenework. Smart improv comedy at it's best!