Cancer Bats with Special Guests

7:00 pm

Cancer Bats with Special Guests

That's a lotta bands.

Cancer Bats

With 13 years under their belt including 5 acclaimed studio albums, three Juno Award nominations and countless tours around the globe, Canadian hardcore metal punks, Cancer Bats have become a well-known force within the world of heavy music. 2018 sees the band embarking on the newest chapter of their career, self-releasing their 6th studio album “The Spark That Moves” on their own label Bat Skull Records. Not only looking to record and release albums on their own terms, but also choosing to forgo the traditional lead ups and teaser singles, Cancer Bats, without any forewarning, released “The Spark That Moves” in its entirety on April 20th, 2018, with vinyl and CDs ready to ship to fans that day.


The Official Order of Dboy Scouts is a fan led union of supporters of Dboy, the world's foremost three piece band, based out of Moscow, Russia and Welland, Canada.  This group is run and maintained by order president, Kirill Kutchokokov.  All booking inquiries and deifying can be sent here.

The Anti-Queens

The Anti-Queens are four friends from Toronto who write and perform rock n roll songs, with a hint of punk/grunge/pop... Or as they more easily describe their band "8 tits  with some instruments".

Consisting of Emily Bones on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Valerie Knox (Black Cat Attack) on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Dallas Conte on drums & Taylor Cos (Rue Bella/The Hysterics) on Bass/Vocals.

Cross Dog

Cross Dog are a loud experimental punk band from Peterborough Ontario, who draw influence from classic metal and stoner rock. The band's lineup is unique, making noise with only bass and drums and fronted by an aggressive, female lead vocalist. They are quickly becoming known for their intense and high energy live show, leaving audiences deafened and blown away by a huge sound from so few strings. Politically charged and socially conscious lyrics provide a bratty, tongue-in-cheek edge that is firmly planted in the band’s punk rock roots.

Marion Cinder

Hardcore outfit from Peterborough, ON. Canada.

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Apr 22, 2023
4:43 pm
Nigel Grinstead
Allie Pearse
Peter Saran
Ben McKay
Apr 15, 2023
8:00 pm
Melissa Payne
R.C. Stanley
Melissa Payne returns to the Gordon Best Theatre in celebration of her upcoming single “Summer Soltice Night". Joined by East Coast solo artist R.C. Stanley (Matt Mays Band) who will be performing newly released music “Deadbeat Story (Following Me)” and “Smoke in the Wind” among others, during his Peterborough debut.
Apr 14, 2023
7:00 pm
Linda Kash (Host)
Improv Pros
Improv Joes
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