Benj Rowland, Community Garden Album Release

7:30 pm

Benj Rowland, Community Garden Album Release

Benj Rowland welcomes you to the release of his new album, Community Garden, alongside special guests J.J. Swinn And The Haymakers and Kayla Mahomed

Born and raised in the Peterborough area, Benj Rowland is the singer-songwriter and instrumentalist behind the well loved Canadian folk duo Mayhemingways.

Having toured across Canada many times as part of a band, Community Garden is Benj’s first solo album released under his own name.

Recorded and produced by Joel Plaskett at his Dartmouth Studio, the album features a collection of songs that speak to small town Ontario and tell stories about the life of an independent Canadian musician.

The Ballad of the Pig's Ear (track 2) is a heartfelt tribute to a well loved bar that served Peterborough for over 100 years. The song recently won the Don Skuce Memorial Music Collective Songwriting Award (January 2022)

Born and raised in Orillia, Ontario, singer-songwriter Kayla Mahomed can best be described as a blend of retro country, folk-blues and early rock ‘n' roll. Known by many as "the little girl with a big voice", her feisty kitten with a whip attitude is melded together with a soulful demeanour that transports the audience to an earlier time. Currently residing in Peterborough, Ontario, Kayla’s new EP coming out in 2022 will be a first hand delivery of her old school songwriting accentuating her country roots and throwback attitude. A sound that starts with a kick and ends with a giggle, Kayla's style stands in the tradition of Southern soul and western grit.

Jimmy Jay Swinn is a Canadian-born Singer-Songwriter from Peterborough, Ontario. Spending years as a sideman and bandleader, Swinn has gathered songs along the way, and has finally started to tell his own tales. Never afraid to explore different styles and genres, Jimmy Jay has been known to tackle everything from Garage-Rock to Country and Folk music. Also a member of the legendary Canadian outfit The Silver Hearts, Jay likes to keep a close tie with his musical roots.

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